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Exciting Revelation: Bakhmut's Fall Confirmed!

The truth is emerging, contradicting the narrative spun by the Deep State-influenced mainstream media (MSM) that Ukraine and NATO were winning in Bakhmut. This channel and other reputable sources have consistently predicted Bakhmut's eventual surrender to full Russian control. Despite the MSM's gaslighting, the reality has come to light.

Russia's Strategic Moves: Tensions Rise

With over 180,000 troops stationed near the Belarus border and heightened alerts along the northern Russian border, Russia is preparing for a major offensive operation. Forces from three different regions are mobilizing, as previously anticipated. Odessa finds itself cut off from NATO support, as the bridges connecting it to NATO Romanian bases have been taken down, hindering the delivery of weapons. This has prompted panic in Ukraine and NATO, leading to the urgent recall of over 30,000 troops from various NATO bases. The Russian satellite intelligence system has proved superior, effectively neutralizing Ukraine and NATO air defense systems.

Putin's Warning: Nuclear-Capable Bombers Near NATO Border

President Vladimir Putin's message to the West is stern, as 18 nuclear-capable tactical bombers are positioned near the NATO border. A haunting satellite image reveals these jets stationed at Olenya Air Base on Russia's Kola Peninsula, just 130 miles from Finland and Norway. This development comes after Russia's warning to the UK regarding long-range missiles.

Disturbing False Flag Plans

As we enter a period with potential nuclear events, the satanic UN cult DAVOS, in conjunction with the DS NATO, is allegedly planning a massive catastrophic attack on a small island in the Bahamas or Indonesia. Their aim is to create distractions amidst the Ukraine war failure, the exposure of CIA and FBI operations, and the crumbling Biden administration. The intention is to cause significant casualties and initiate false flag scenarios. The DS's next move involves orchestrating a large-scale death event.

Epstein Connections Resurface

Behind the scenes, panic ensues in the EU as the Epstein connections resurface, threatening to implicate high-ranking individuals and expose massive money laundering operations involving the CIA, Mossad, and other entities.




Explosive Revelations: Bakhmut's Situation Unveiled! MSM's Misinformation Exposed!

Prepare for a revelation that shatters the deceptive web spun by the Deep State-influenced mainstream media. The fall of Bakhmut into full Russian control exposes the lies perpetuated by the MSM. This channel and other reliable sources have been vindicated, steadfast in their prediction of Bakhmut's inevitable surrender. Brace yourself as the true story unfolds!

Russia's Strategic Maneuvers Raise Concerns: Ukraine and NATO React

Startling developments unfold on the eastern front as Russia positions over 180,000 troops near the Belarus border, heightening tensions along the northern Russian border. The southern and western regions are poised for a significant offensive, leaving Ukraine and NATO scrambling to devise countermeasures. Odessa, a critical location, finds itself isolated from NATO support, leading to panic as over 30,000 troops are urgently recalled from various NATO bases. The balance of power is shifting, and the stakes have never been higher.

Putin's Bold Message: Nuclear-Capable Bombers Near NATO Border!

President Vladimir Putin delivers a grave warning to the West as 18 nuclear-capable tactical bombers are stationed in close proximity to the NATO border. Satellite imagery reveals the imposing presence of these jets at Olenya Air Base, just miles away from Finland and Norway. Russia's show of strength sends a chilling message to the world. With tensions escalating, the risk of nuclear incidents looms large.

Concerns of a Desperate False Flag Plot by DS NATO

In an attempt to divert attention from the failure of the Ukraine war and the impending exposure of the CIA, FBI, and the struggling Biden administration, the UN cult DAVOS and the elusive DS NATO devise a sinister plan. Brace yourself for their next move, which aims to orchestrate a catastrophic attack on a small island in the Bahamas or Indonesia, resulting in significant casualties. These false flag scenarios seek to create global chaos and divert attention. Time is ticking, and the stakes are high.

Epstein's Connections Unearthed: EU Banks Implicated in Money Laundering Scandals

Behind closed doors, panic grips the EU as the Epstein connections resurface, posing a threat to high-ranking individuals and implicating banks in extensive money laundering operations. The scandal, intertwined with the CIA, Mossad, and other secretive forces, sends shockwaves through the financial world. Hold on tight as the truth unravels, shaking the corrupt foundations of power.

Note: Brace yourself for an unprecedented journey as the world hurtles towards the edge of truth and revelations. Stay vigilant, seek the truth, and unravel the intricate moves of the global chessboard controlled by the Deep State. The battle for truth has just begun.




🤡🆚🇷🇺✌🏻 Coincidence? I do not think so.

May 20, 2019 - Inauguration of Zelenskiy

May 20, 2022 - Day of Liberation of Mariupol

May 20, 2023 - Day of Liberation of Artemovsk (Bakhmut)

The coincidences are not random. Selenskiy was not badly congratulated.













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