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Dec 19 Restored Republic Report is fake! The worth of 650 plane loads of Gold is absolute fake!

The restored republic reports are being hacked that recent reports are not reliable and fake.

The Restored Republic has reported about the 650 plane loads of gold recovered from Vatican since 2021, but they never mentioned the total worth of all golds as far as I remember. Jan Halper also didn't mention about the total worth.

Today from the Dec 19 report, they first time mention that 650 plane loads of gold worth

$42, 956 Quintrillion (19 zeros). It is absolute fake and ridicious!

One Quintrillion = One Billion Billions

From my understanding in plain English "650 plane loads" means that all the golds were loaded in multiple planes for multiple trips in total of 650 plane loads.

A  747 cargo plane can hold 139 tonnes and one tonne is equivalent to 35274 ounces. There are totally 3.19B ounes of 650 plane loads of gold. Today's gold price is 2025 per ounce. Therefore the total worth is about USD$ 6454.8B.

Previously, there was a fact check denying the $34 Quintillion in Gold seize from Vatican. and Now the Fake Restored Republic Report stated that the total values of gold worth

42, 956 Quintrillion, this is absolutely ridicious.

The Satanic Cabal disseminate misinformation about the total amount of gold available in market so as to manipulate the future gold price!!

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650 plane gold price
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