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COVID-19 pandemic 'likely' originated with Chinese lab leak, Senate Republican report finds

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The COVID-19 virus is a bio-weapon created by the Satanic Cabal and the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax by manipulating the statistic. The whole intention was to make the whole world vaccinated with toxic jabs.

COVID-19 May Have Originated in US Bio-Lab: American Economist

COVID-19 Leaked From US Biolab, Claims Lancet's Commission Head; 'Not A Natural Spillover'

"Such gaps include the failure to identify the original host reservoir, the failure to identify a candidate intermediate host species and the lack of serological or epidemiological evidence showing transmission from animals to humans, among others outlined in this report. As a result of these evidentiary gaps, it is hard to treat the natural zoonotic spillover theory as the presumptive origin of the COVID-19 pandemic," the committee said.

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