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Cloning, Synthetic People, Organic Robots, Twins, Body Doubles


The Invisible War and Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z: Cloning, Synthetic People, Organic Robots, Twins, Body Doubles

Military Tribunals began operating in the U.S. in early 2019, authorized by an executive order from President Trump.

Subjects such as Treason and Crimes Against Humanity fall under the military's jurisdiction and allow for a quick trial in camera, usually resulting in executions or long stays in GITMO.

It is reported that many public figures are nowadays replaced by clones - doubles.

Real clones: These are humans grown in test tubes (known as "in vitro") or implanted in the womb and have the same genetic makeup as another human.

Synthetic people: These "people" look exactly like real people, although they are made of certain tissues obtained from cattle, for example.

Organic robot: This is artificial life created in a completely different way than clones or synthetic humans. Organic Robotoid technology is used to create the most accurate copies of very important people.

Twins: There is a program that finds twins of prominent people, as well as a program that secretly creates identical twins that are separated at birth and never seen again.

Executed people: have clones and doubles.

Now that we know that human cloning is real, we can look at some of the most obvious clones/ duplicates of famous public figures. These "clones" are merely placeholders, to drain the swamp, until society awakens to the point where their crimes against humanity can be fully exposed. The clones will expose the original if not accepted the so called "Rommel Death"

We should keep in mind that any "famous person" could be a clone, a double, an actor, a masked person, a holographic image, or a CGI.

In following few links you can watch the videos on the topic cloning. This will help you to understand and to connect the dots - we are in the endgame and in the last battle for the surviving of the human race. That’s fact. Accept it or not, it will not change the fact - your ignorance is the power of the enemy and to know what we are facing is the basis of this crucial battle for the humanity's existence.

Some videos regarding cloning to connect the DOTS. How they make clones. Cloning since1918, 1938 they started making Hitler clones.

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