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An honest response to Queen's death from an Indian

The Great Famine in #India 1876–78 is one of the most neglected cases of British colonial crimes. It covered an area of 670,000 square kilometres and affected 59 million people

I am amazed at how tv channels are and were showing live broadcast of queen death as if she is some messiahs of the world.

These very monarch family were the ones who left Indians having only 12% literate. Women were even lesser literate. GDP declined from number 1 in the world to dogs. It has taken 70 odd years for india to stand up on its feat and we are #5 in the world now

People give examples of japan and germany. Do they even know what rotten condition did UK leave India when they left ? Worst than WW2 and Hiroshima.

India has lost 250 years of progress. Systematically deprived. Man made famine of Bengal wiped out 4 million people in india. Who is responsible for it ? Goddamn monarchs. Where are the goddamn reparations that the monarch of UK owes ? Damn to such queens and kings of world.

Indians are one of the most soft state on earth.

Wonder how such people can live so long.

Killing, massacring. Rampant slavery. raping. systematically depriving the people of education and basic human rights whom they colonised.

UK has killed tens and thousands of unified Indians during their colonial rule and looted 45 trillion dollars in todays worth.

I have zero sympathy towards such empires and monarchs who have built their vastness on mountains of graves and tears.

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