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比爾-蓋茨和喬治-索羅斯支持的阿斯彭研究所 ( Aspen Institute )被起訴 為2024大選掃除障礙

America First Legal (AFL) is expanding a lawsuit it originally filed against just the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP) and Virality Project (VP) to also include the Bill Gates- and George Soros-backed Aspen Institute (AI).

AI – for the rest of this article, AI will refer to the Aspen Institute and not artificial intelligence – appears to be a major player in the so-called censorship-industrial complex, having worked in tandem with various tech giants and governmental bodies to attack online free speech, particularly during the 2020 and 2022 electoral periods.

深國內幕】比爾-蓋茨和喬治-索羅斯支持的阿斯彭研究所 ( Aspen Institute )被起訴 為2024大選掃除障礙


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